Editor Ruth Thompson is Guest Reviewer at November WordFest

On Tuesday, November 3,  WordFest will feature long-time editor Ruth Thompson as November’s guest reviewer. Ruth is the editor for Illumination Arts, a publisher of illustrated children’s books. She is also an independent editor, was the Kelso High School librarian for over 20 years, and is President Emeritus of the Washington State Association of School Librarians.

Ruth will be reviewing  three stories. Judge Ed Putka will read his story, “A Union Ship.” Poet Elizabeth Evans will present her short story, “Moving On,” about a young girl and her family seeking food and work during the Great Depression.

And a  younger voice at WordFest, Chris Mahon who is a student, will read his tale, “Tarinen and His Gaining of the Staff of Anu Nairan”–“one of many legends of Tairinen, the wizard who would live to see the End of All Things,” says Chris. “I’ve studied myths and legends for about four years and have enjoyed writing since elementary school.”

We will meet at The Brits, 1427 Commerce Avenue in Longview, 6:00-8:00 pm.

The Brits owner, Alice Dietz, will again offer a select menu  for those who wish to enjoy a meal with the readings (Did you see those luscious desserts she had last time?) The Brits opens at 5:30 pm.