Leslie Slape leads June WordFest

At the next WordFest gathering on June 3, popular storyteller Leslie Slape will be presenting a play she co-wrote with Lower Columbia College drama instructor Don Correll, titled “The Time Traveler’s Story Guide to Planet Earth.”

The play, comprising folklore and myths about Earth, was first produced at LCC in 1998, and is being revised for a new production in 2009.

Leslie has been involved in local theater since 1975 as a stage manager, director, actor, singer, dancer, and light designer. She has served as a judge of the annual high school one-act play festival and has reviewed plays for The Daily News. She is also a crime reporter for the local newspaper.

Joining Leslie at WordFest will be fellow writer, Elaine Crabb, who will read a playful parody of her friend, “The Story of Leslie Slape.” A lifelong resident of Longview, Elaine will also read a short story for children, “Where the Sturgeon Swim Free,” about memories of fishing at Willow Grove.

Chuck Taylor returns to read a short story, “The Conversation.” Chuck has been an engineer, navigator, artist, singer, computer analyst and programmer. He has led a varied life of much travel–he estimates he attended 65 grammar schools–and has met a number of famous persons along the way: as a child he played with President Hoover’s dogs on the White House lawn while his father was visiting the president, flew with Lindberg (although not across the Atlantic), and played golf with the hotel tycoon, Conrad Hilton.

Tim Shay of Kalama will be reading from his novel, “The Ragged Edge,” offering an insider’s view of skydiving. Tim has had over twenty years of parachuting experience, first in the military, then as a civilian.

An open mic session will follow the presenters.

 Presenters are now being sought for the July WordFest. If you would like to share your writing with others, please contact Alan from this website or call at 360-425-3430 ext 280.