WordFest presents a variety of voices

The next WordFest gathering on Tuesday, July 1, will offer poetry, a short story, an essay, and a selection from an autobiography.

Local poet Lorraine Merrin will be reading from her forthcoming chapbook, “Ancient Voices.” Her poetry, which reflects a Native American experience, has appeared in The Salal Review, Quercus Review, RATTLE, Tar Wolf, and will be appearing in Moon Journal and The Great American Poetry Show.

Retired librarian Tedine Roos will be reading a piece entitled, “Worldly Goods,” the beginning of a saga about a family’s move from Oregon to Montana. The moving van delivers another family’s furniture and possessions, and the story explores what material things mean to us and the memories they carry. She will invite the WordFest participants in helping to develop the story from this premise.

Lyle Sentman will be reading from his autobiography, “The Quest,” and Bruce Mahan will be reading an essay on time.

 Following the scheduled presenters, there will be an open mic time for people to read.

PLEASE NOTE: WordFest will take a break in August and re-convene on Tuesday, September 2.