December WordFest: Getting into the Spirit

Bev Ruhland

Trained as a botanist, Bev had primarily written technical papers before she launched into fiction. “For a lark I participated in National Novel Writing Month after reading about it in The Daily News. Once I started, I couldn’t quit.” She has twice before accepted the challenge of writing a complete novel within one month, and is currently rushing to finish her third novel. She will read from it and talk about the high-pressure experience of writing under that kind of a deadline.

Tedine Roos

Last year, Tedine delighted the WordFest gathering with her essay on some unconventional means of keeping a woodchuck out of her garden. A retired librarian, she displays her wry and gentle humor again in “Wall Marks,” which she describes as “a Christmas letter to a couple of old friends who never put hooks or nails in their walls, and includes my history of various wall defacements.”

Charolette Conklin

Charolette is another writer who uses humor subtly and very effectively. She will be reading her short story, “Roots of the Heart,” which won third place in a contest sponsored by the literary magazine, Rambunctious Review. The story is written entirely as an interior monologue, mixing humor with poignant memories and everyday observations.

Lorraine Merrin

Rounding out the evening will be poetry read by Lorraine Merrin. Lorraine’s poems have been published in The Salal Review, Quercus Review, Tar Wolf, and will be appearing in The Great American Poetry Show.

The Brits Tea Shoppe opens at 5:30 pm and offers a select menu for people who wish to enjoy a light supper during the readings.