July WordFest–You are the Guest Reviewer

At the next WordFest gathering on Tuesday, July 6,  the audience will be invited to give feedback to the evening’s four presenters, on both their writing and their delivery. This is a departure from the usual format where there is a Guest Reviewer for the evening who provides the feedback.

The presenters on July 6 will:

Cindie Jackson,  reading her essay, “Ribbons, and Plaques, and Trophies! Oh, My!”, which ponders whether awards matter to those who receive them.

Kitty Royston, a high school student, will read “Little Secrets”, which she describes as “a short story about two anthropomorphic felines who fall in love.”

Dan Roberts, a retired family physician living in Kalama, will be reading from his work, entitled “Transplant,”—“Dr. Jerry WIlder, medical director for Lear Biomedical, has spent months conducting a daring new experiment. Unfortunately he has neglected to tell his boss. Today is the day of reckoning.” Dan has written this as a short story, but sees it as becoming the first chapter of a novel.

Harry Myers has delighted the WordFest crowd on several occasions with his quirky, humorous poetry and wordplay, most recently with his updated ballad about the urbanization of the west, “Homes, Homes on the Range.” He will be reading his first short story, “Space Junk”.

The Brits opens at 5:30 pm for those who wish to order dinner and wine to accompany the readings. The presentations begin at 6:00 pm.