November WordFest: Literary Merits of a Cookbook

(Note: Due to the presidential election, the November WordFest has been moved to the following evening, Wednesday, November 5th.)

Suzanne Martinson, former features editor for The Daily News, will be reading from and talking about her book–The Fallingwater Cookbook. This is not your mother’s Betty Crocker cookbook. It is the story of one of the most famous private homes in America, Fallingwater, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright over a waterfall, and the families who lived in it, and the woman who cooked for them. Oh, yes, there are also recipes included. Suzanne has won numerous food journalism awards. Copies will be available for purchase.

Note: See the interview with Suzanne and Daily News features editor Cathy Zimmerman on the Book Chat page on this website.

Dan Roberts will read his short story, “The Wedding,” about a divorced physician who falls in love at a medical meeting, but ghosts from the past lead to a surprising turn of events. Dan is a local physician and has written nonfiction throughout his career. He began writing fiction in 2001. He and his wife moved from Medford, Oregon┬áto Kalama three years ago to be closer to their children and granchildren.

Bev Ruhland will be reading from her novel in progress that she is writing for National Novel Writing Month, where writers accept the challenge to write a novel in 30 days. She has completed two novels in this national event. Trained as a botanist and now working in a small environmental consulting firm, Bev says the experience got her started writing. “Once I got started, I couldn’t quit, and now get ‘possessed’ by an idea sometimes at 3:00 in the morning or driving down the freeway, and have to ‘exorcize’ myself at the computer.”

Rita Fontaine, an English instructor at LCC for over 30 years, writes poetry, nonfiction articles, and some fiction. She will be reading “The Million Dollar Rock,” published in a boating magazine in 2007, about an accident on a sailboat.

Lyle Sentman will be reading another passage from his autobiography, entitled The Quest. Lyle flew different commands in the air force, including SAC and the Air Defense Command.

An open mic period will follow the presenters, and The Brits will offer a select menu for a light supper. People who wish to eat are asked to order and pay for their food when they first arrive (The Brits opens at 5:30 pm).