...emotionally moving, sophisticated and funny. This is a ghost story with meat on its bones, and it's as gratifying as a supernatural thriller can get...Legacy is a real mind-bender, a thought-provoking novel that at times is an extraordinary page-turner. I'm serious - I missed several bus stops reading this book.

Glenn Scofield Williams, Just Out, January 4, 2008
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Rose creates a truly perfect blend of laughs and fright as well as steamy sex scenes and romance...An excellent read for those who ever doubted a paranormal existence, as well as for anyone who is looking for something a little more substantial than a good scare.

Cynthia Schemmer, The Feminist Review, September 18, 2007
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Rose twists the age-old tale of a haunting into a taut and tense, if unconventional, suspense thriller, complementing the visceral thrills with a psychological and intellectual depth... The story is engaging, the characters memorable and atmosphere creepy. However, the best part of the book is its cerebral rather than supernatural appeal. A ghost story, it also serves as an examination of theories about the paranormal... Rose balances the erudition with the really tactile, earthy stuff: sharp wit, great sex scenes, legitimate scares, and several genuine surprises. My head and heart were thrumming to the last page.

Jo Ristow, The Columbia River Reader, July 15, 2007
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...There are enough twists and turns to keep readers confounded, and Rose resolves all of them. The writing is not just good, it has moments of luminous clarity. The characters come to life through distinct, resonant voices. And what they have to say is important. These are ideas that push and engage as all good fiction should do...(on) the nature of the soul, time, death, sexuality.

Cathy Zimmerman, The (Longview) Daily News, May 13, 2007
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A big, rollicking read and a fascinating inquiry into the paranormal to boot. This supernatural mystery delivers plot twists, quirky characters, and ghosts that do a hell of a lot more than go bump in the night.

Jim LeMonds, author of Deadfall and South of Seattle


The Legacy of Emily Hargraves kept me up at night. It's the most amazing book I have read in a long time. Along with delicious, steamy love scenes, it's a ghost story that literally made me sleep with the light on. This novel is sure to take its rightful place among the best of the genre.

M. L. Madison, contributing editor, Finger magazine


I'm not the type to read scary books, but I stayed awake three nights reading this one, too engaged to put it down and too scared to turn off the light. Emily's home is a doorway into the paranormal--indeed, the paranormal becomes chillingly normal in that house. Alan Rose has created characters that charmed me with their wit and humor and warmed me with their passion and compassion...The reader becomes caught up in Emily's nightmare and, like the characters themselves, must see it to the end because the need to know what once happened in that house is irresistible.

Caroline Wood, screenwriter, The Immigrant Garden