Alan Rose

Alan Rose is the author of three published books, the novels The Legacy of Emily Hargraves (2007), a paranormal mystery, and Tales of Tokyo (2010), a modern quest novel based on his years of living and working in Japan. He also published the novella The Unforgiven (2012), a complex psychological thriller that explores the relationship between memory and guilt.

Alan organizes WordFest, a monthly gathering of readers and writers in Longview WA, and hosts the KLTV program, "Book Chat".

He received his master's degree in divinity at the School of Theology at Claremont, California, and his first novel, The Legacy of Emily Hargraves, reflects his interest in spirituality, sexuality, and psychotherapy (literally, "the healing of the soul.")

A native of the Pacific Northwest, he has lived in Tokyo, the setting for his second novel, and Melbourne, Australia.

He now resides in rural southwest Washington State, where he is working on a novel about utopia.