Something horrific happened seventy years ago in the Hargraves House, and in her dying moments, Emily Hargraves realizes that she will be leaving "a terrible legacy." Following her death, her grandnephew, James Barrett, moves into the stately old house overlooking Seattle, but it is his partner, Jerry Fielding, who will inherit that legacy. As Jerry's health begins to decline, James desperately seeks to uncover the dark secret in his family's history that will break the past's psychic hold on his partner.

 "...emotionally moving, sophisticated and funny. This is ... as gratifying as a supernatural thriller can get."

~ Just Out, (Portland, Oregon)

"Rose balances the erudition with the really tactile earthy stuff: sharp wit, great sex scenes, legitimate scares, and several genuine surprises. My head and heart were thrumming to the last page."

~ The Columbia River Reader