November WordFest meets at The Brits

On Tuesday, November 6,  WordFest will be meeting at The Brits, 1427 Commerce Avenue, in Longview, 6:00-8:00 PM.

WordFest regular Dale Duman will read from his recently published novel, Path to Peril, a story about cyber-terrorism and its political repercussions on the U.S. government and society. Dale is an engineer and computer scientist, who has been writing and teaching informational technology strategies for over 28 years.

Steve Anderson will be reading from Jeremiah’s Wink, his debut mystery novel about a modern day monk and master illuminator who is sent to the U.S. to   recreate a 15th century Book of Hours. Steve is master-prepared in interdisciplinary studies from the University of Oregon with a focus on public administration and special education.  He retired last year from a career in health care administration.   He is actively seeking a traditional publisher.

Elizabeth Evans will be reading a selection of new poems.  She has been writing poetry since age ten.  Her work has been published in We Accept Donations, Spring Hill Review, Street Lights, and The Salal Review.

The Brits offers a full dinner menu as well as selection of wines and beers for those who wish to enjoy a meal and beverage with the readings.