Alan's novel about the AIDS epidemic will be released on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2020. Click here to read the opening chapter.
Click to read opening chapters of Alan's utopian/dystopian novel (unpublished).
“I’ve often wondered, did anything happen to you at that camp?” his mother asked. “You came back…different.”
Four young people are flying to Tokyo. Each is on a personal quest. Chris is looking for love. Sally is searching for an identity (preferably someone else's.) Jason is seeking a God in whom he doesn't believe. Delia is out to reform the world.
Something horrific happened seventy years ago in the Hargraves House, and in her dying moments, Emily Hargraves realizes that she will be leaving "a terrible legacy."

Foxglove Moments

Doomsday Update

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Memories out of Season

The Lighter Side of Death and Morbidity

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A Writer's Journal

Writing in a Time of COVID-19

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A Northman's Reveries

Pondering Life, Death, and Other Imponderables

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WordFest News

WordFest on literary hiatus for 2020

WordFest on literary hiatus for 2020 Global pandemics are no fun. Along with destroying lives and livelihoods, COVID-19 has also disrupted our local literary community. At this point...Read More

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A Burning

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Book Chat Update

September 2020-A chat with northwest mystery writer Rick E. George

September 2020-A chat with northwest mystery writer Rick E. George Rick E. George has been a sportswriter, a wildland firefighter, and an educator. He is the author of Vengeance Burns Hot, published by...Read More